‘The Ahmads’ is ‘The Bosses’

Her question: “How do you call your husband & kids?” (since they have ‘Ahmad’ as their first name while it is usually the nick name).

My answer: “They just know by heart” *tsaaahhh…. 😀

‘The Bosses’ comprises of:

  • Ahmad Makintha Brany (husband)
  • Ahmad Ibadihaona Madjied (child no. 1)
  • Ahmad Zidnabarka Madjied (child no. 2)

These are some snapshots of their and mine chaotic daily routines:


About tisyonk

A late-aged girl who just realized that destiny has made her to be a woman ^_^
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2 Responses to ‘The Ahmads’ is ‘The Bosses’

  1. didut says:

    namanya kok bikin muyer yo hahahaha~

    BTW wajah anak anakmu kok mirip kabeh yo =)))))

  2. tisa says:

    Bikin munyer?? sengojo ko mas…sisan ngetes tingkat intelektualitas…wkwkwkwk 😀
    Mirip sopo mas?? simbok’e yo?? hihihi… *mugo2 Kintha ra mampir kene.. 😛

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