Being new parents in Norway

Being new parents away from home-country is quite challenging. Mother wannabe like me should learn a lot from the grandma wannabe aka my mom. But if the situation is like mine, the story goes different way. Asking about pregnancy, labour & baby treatment to my mom could be just a sneak-peak story for me since the condition between Indonesia & Norway is way too different.

When it comes to getting facility from government concerning child welfare, of course I can’t ask my mom since there’s no such thing applied in Indonesia *sigh*. All I & my husband can do is asking & browsing around *thanks God updated info in Europe is a piece of cake!!!*.

Getting facility from government for the baby reminds me *again* that improvement for people’s welfare is something that the goverment should be working hard on back in my home-country.

These are some of them that I have known  so far :

1. Parental money

Certain amount of money received by mom wannabe when the pregnancy at the 26th week. This money should be used for the baby needs.

Parantal money for kid also received for the kids at the age of 1 up to 17 years old (it’s to buy milk for the kids).

Another additional money is also given for those whom at the age of 1-3 years old (1-3 year old consider as critical ages for kid’s growth).

2. Free of charge for pregnancy control at doctor or and midwife

3. Free of charge hospital guided tour before labour

4. Free of charge to labour in hospital in any-method (including waterbirth & operation)

5. Free of charge for taxi bill gor going home after labour

Don’t get jealous so easily my friend. Those facility comes with consequance…it’s high tax rate!!! Example : food tax takes around 14-25%, salary tax could reach 36%. But I do not mind about those applied taxe rate, since we get many things in return. Those I just mentioned just some of them.


About tisyonk

A late-aged girl who just realized that destiny has made her to be a woman ^_^
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3 Responses to Being new parents in Norway

  1. didut says:

    yap yap …pajak yg begitu melangit itu memang nikmat untuk ibu hamil yah hihihi~

    Good luck for both of you!!!!!!!

    *e buset tante ini udah mo punya anak aje*

  2. tisyonk says:

    Mas Didut…
    Iyah..pajaknya berasa kaya perampokan bo!!!
    Untung worthed..hehe..

  3. Berasa ya tinggal di negara Skandinavia ini…berasa mahal…dan bener..berasa gaji dirampok..hehehhe…

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