*kkrrriiinnnnggggggggggggg*  (phone ring)

my husband :  want to watch football match alive? it’s valencia

me                    : valencia??? (aahhh….his colleague named ‘valencia’ will be in football team in somekind of company gathering event or something like that)

my husband : valencia is a famous football club…the match is valencia vs rosenborg

me                    : (ooppsssss…..he reads my mind as ussual)

valencia vs rosenborg

watching football match

the audiens


About tisyonk

A late-aged girl who just realized that destiny has made her to be a woman ^_^
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2 Responses to Football

  1. didut says:

    bwahahahaha~ itu nonton bola kayak mo main ski 😛

    BTW si david vila tuh keren loh tis *pasti gak tau juga* 😛

  2. Pacarnya tisa says:

    Mana die tau mas??lha wong ini aja pertamakalinya dia tau olahraga sepakbola…bwahahahahah

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