Getting older today…

The number is changed from 26 to 27…
Reminds me that I have less chance than before to be a better person…
A lot of items are still there to be ticked on the waiting list for self-improvement..
Yet, no longer alone to find the light as having my husband now 🙂

I consider this b’day as a special one…spending the whole day with my hubby since we have a special schedule…going to police station to report that I’m new in town…hihihi… 😛
Too bad only 1 pic taken on my 1st day as a 27 year old girl (not in a nice pose though)…ooppss…or should I say a woman?!?!? 😛

rapiin jilbab di etalase toko


About tisyonk

A late-aged girl who just realized that destiny has made her to be a woman ^_^
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1 Response to 27

  1. didut says:

    itu lg ngapain sih ??! 27 ?!!? wakakakakakak….

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