Thank you for the gift guys…

Last night…got a bunch of aiesecer from my local committee came to my house.

Never thought that they had a special gift for me..a touching gift in a fun way. It’s a framed board with many wishes for my marriage…


front (left to right) : tami-raja-tisa-desembo-vivi
back (left to right) : khaleed-ega-aidin-dita

the gift


About tisyonk

A late-aged girl who just realized that destiny has made her to be a woman ^_^
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4 Responses to Thank you for the gift guys…

  1. didut says:

    pasang didinding rmh lo tis di norway sanah kekekeke~

  2. agung a.k.a mak says:

    hehe..jadi inget nulis testi ap mba waktu itu..
    maaf2 ya kalo vulgar..
    tapi serius kok..
    find whch is from me..hee

  3. uli says:

    Yach,knapa tak ada yang ajak aku malem itu?????

    Maaf ya Mbak Tisa, kalo aku tau aku juga pasti ikutan…..

    Mizz u so much……….

  4. tisyonk says:

    Mas Adi…
    Makasi atas sarannya yah…dasar lu!!! hihi…

    Hee?!?! Testi yg mana ya??

    Gapapa..doanya aja yaa… 🙂

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