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Berbagi Suami…

Hari pertama mendarat di Norway…setelah perjalanan yg sangat melelahkan selama 31 jam…aku harus menghadapi kenyataan bahwa suamiku sangat mencintai Scott. Bahkan aku diminta untuk membantunya menolong Scott karena winter sudah tiba. Mamang…aku tak dapat memungkiri kenyataan bahwa Scott telah berjasa … Continue reading

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31 jam on the road

Alhamdulillah…. Setelah total kira2 31 jam di pesawat & nongkrong di changi & schiphol aiport, akhirnya sampai juga di Trondheim Norway. Dalam perjalanan sempet worried juga.Karena critanya tante tisyonk ini kan mungil bgt…jadi rada susah kalo mo taro 2 tas … Continue reading

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  Waiting period is over now…finally got the visa on my hand…   SO RELIEVEEEEDDDDD!!!!! Cant wait to meet my hubby!!! 😉 *blushing*                          

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Thank you for the gift guys…

Last night…got a bunch of aiesecer from my local committee came to my house. Never thought that they had a special gift for me..a touching gift in a fun way. It’s a framed board with many wishes for my marriage… … Continue reading

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The Story Behind The Scene

“You?? married?? how come??” That kind of question is still familiar until now…though I’m married for 2 months already. Well…. It wasn’t a snap decision I made without having deep thought, since marriage is a very sacral & pure thing … Continue reading

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Switched to here….

Yeahh… I moved from my previous blog at here to this wordpress blog for those who still got shocked with my decision to change my status from “an eternal workaholic single girl” to “an unemployed married woman”..hihi… The post mostly is … Continue reading

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